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Sofia University "St. KlimentOhridski", Faculty of Law(LLM, 2012)
Certificate of completion in EnglishCourse–Advanced–LanguageSchoolLinquaRex (2011)
Goethe Institute Bulgaria (Geothe-InstitutBulgarien) languagecourselevelC1-2 (2010)
Certificateof completion in trainingof ELSA Bulgaria (TheEuropeanLawStudent'sAssociation) –Lozen (21-22 October 2009)
Foreign LanguageSchool "GeoMilev" Dobrich-GermanandEnglish (graduated 2008)


Attorney at Law at Mandzhukova, Shopov, Petrov Law Firm (2013 – present)

Consultant at Mandzhukova, Shopov, Petrov Law Firm (2013)
Consultant at Georgieva, Petrov,NenkovGeorgiev  Law Firm (2013)
Associate at Law Firm"Georgieva, Petrov,Nekov ,Georgiev" (2011-2013)
Associate at Law Firm"Varadinovandpartners "(2010-2011);
AssociateatNotaryRadoslavGeorgiev № 330 (2009);

Practice Areas:
Consultationsinthearea of CommercialLaw, ContractLaw, PropertyLaw, Civil Procedure (generalandspecific civil procedures, imposition of securitymeasures, issuance of ordersforexecution, arbitrationtrials, enforcementprocedures) andadministrativeproceedings.

Member ofRotaractClub "SofiaCity"

Bulgarian, German, English.


 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

 Flat 1, Floor 1
18A Angel Kanchev Street

 + 359(0)2 41 88 0 88

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