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Litigation and Arbitration

MSP offers professional dispute resolution service, including litigation, arbitration and proceedings before sui generis jurisdictions (e.g. the Competition Protection Commission). Lawyers of the firm provide defence and procedural representation in all litigation fields – Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Commercial Law. It has a reputation for loyalty to its clients and ultimately achieving litigation success.

MSP engages also the legal services of some of the country’s leading experts in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation. One of the partners is an experienced arbitrator in more than one international commercial court of arbitration, as well as a member of the arbitral panel of the special sports court of arbitration at the Bulgarian Football Union.

Usually, the immediate aim of MSP is to help its clients to avoid litigation or arbitration, but if it may not be avoided, the firm is capable of guiding its clients through the most complex cases towards achieving their commercial objectives, while carefully assessing any related risks. MSP provides tailored solutions and teams of experts to suit the requirements of its clients for each matter. Such a flexible approach allows the firm to add understanding of cultural differences to the tremendous experience of its lawyers when relevant in managing complex cross-border litigation matters, where a coordinated approach may be needed.


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