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Real Estate and Construction

MSP provides advice on all of the aspects of transactions involving real estate investment. The firm offers its services also in solutions for management and/or development of the real property or in providing of valuable tax advice to the investor.
MSP has extensive experience in rendering legal services to all kinds of participants in the real estate investment process in Bulgaria – developers, construction companies, real estate brokers, facility managers, etc. Some of these clients are market leaders in their respective industries. Throughout their professional biography, the lawyers at MSP have represented developers in land acquisitions totalling more than EUR 500 million. On the buyers’ side, they have successfully advised hundreds acquisition transactions (including foreign businesses and individuals) throughout the process of purchasing real estate assets in Bulgaria, as well as in the subsequent management of the real estates and of the condominium ownership. Long term practice of the MSP lawyers includes detailed consulting of cases in high construction, as well as in infrastructure construction. The latter is a key part of the current practice of the MSP.


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