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Public Procurement, Privatisation, PPP and Foreign Investment

The firm’s lawyers have an astonishing track record for advising clients and successfully guiding them through complex public procurement procedures worth more than EUR 1,250 million. MSP established itself as some of the leading advisors in the field of the special public procurement (public procurement for the defence sector). The firm’s solicitors have advised clients, which are leaders in their respective industries, in almost all of the big procurement procedures arranged by the Bulgarian government for the last ten years – supply of training aircraft for the Bulgarian Air Force (Pilatus Aircraft, Switzerland), upgrade and rehabilitation of Mi-18 and Mi-24 helicopters for the Bulgarian Air Force (Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel), supply of corvettes for the Bulgarian Naval Forces (DCNS, France), supply of TETRA communication system for the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence and the Bulgarian Army (Motorola Israel), etc.

MSP provided consulting services under agreements with state and municipal authorities in respect of PPP - municipal and state concessions, as well as public procurements. In this field the firm has advised clients such as the Ministry of Justice, the Municipality of Varna, the Metropolitan Municipality of Sofia and different district administrations, state-owned entities such as the “National Electricity Company” EAD, “Specialised Rehabilitation Hospitals” EAD, “Students’ Canteens and Dormitories” EAD etc. Within a priority government project a partner in MSP has performed thorough concessions legal analysis for the introduction of Electronic Toll Collection Services on the Republican roads network, as well as various other legal services supporting the project - review of draft tender documentation, etc.

The firm was founded only after the bulk of the privatisation deals in the Bulgarian economy and that is why it was not involved actively in the privatisation process. However, individual lawyers from the firm have advised both the government institutions for which they were working from time to time, as well as private clients on privatisation legal matters. One has to take into account also that the current privatisation law is relatively new – from 2004 – and previous experience is largely irrelevant.


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