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MSP has broad experience in criminal law to the extent of specialising in this field. Each of the lawyers working in this practice has proved its specialisation so that clients can be assured that their criminal cases are handled with a level of competence that sets a national benchmark. The MSP lawyers handle cases in all courts in Bulgaria. Its experts have an impressive history of participation in criminal cases that involve a foreign element /the so called cross-border cases/. The MSP partners Roumen Petrov and Asya Mandzhukova are members of the European non-governmental organisation Fair Trials International ( which is working in close cooperation with the European institutions in the elaboration of European legislative acts in the field of criminal law and in the amendment of the existing ones for the purpose of enhancing the level and scope of the right to legal defence and the justice in judicial procedures. The two are actively involved in the work of the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP) at the organisation bringing together experts in criminal justice, fundamental rights and access to justice from across the European Union.


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