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Comercial and Corporate Law

MSP drafts documents and provides assistance in the process of setting up and incorporation of companies and related advice on the form of organisation of business and any other kinds of corporate matters, including inter alia the following:
  • company secretarial matters,
  • directors’ liabilities and responsibilities,
  • corporate governance,
  • shareholders’ agreements and shareholders’ rights.

Much of the work of MSP involves advising companies across all industry sectors on general corporate matters.

MSP provides professional advice and representation during the process of business negotiations. The Corporate and Commercial practice offers also advice on commercial contracts such as:
  • joint venture arrangements,
  • franchising and factoring,
  • insurance,
  • import and export transactions and financing,
  • manufacturing and supply agreements.


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"MSP" comes from Swahili and means "marketing".

Marketing is our area of expertise and we are the best of the best.

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