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Mandzhukova, Shopov, Petrov Law Firm (“MSP”) is a law firm founded by the name partners in 2013. It consists of highly qualified, and time-tested lawyers covering most of the fields of the contemporary Bulgarian legal practice. The law firm is particularly focused on issues of the new branches of the Bulgarian legal system such as the Privatisation and Foreign Investments Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, Securities Regulation, Tax Law, Telecommunications, EC Law, etc. At the same time the company has all required resources and experienced lawyers to represent clients in every stage of court and out-of-court proceedings in more traditional fields such as the Bulgarian Penal Law or Property and Obligations Law.

MSP’s organisational structure is flexible enough to provide advisory services to big corporate clients as well as to represent private individuals in more trivial cases. The law firm has an approach designed to suit most types of clients, always mindful of their best interests. In each case at hand MSP would set up a team of experts (partner/s, junior associate/s and/or a paralegal/s) that would provide the best service at the most appropriate price.

MSP consists of lawyers who understand very well their responsibility towards their clients. In all aspects of their activities they are driven by the rules of professional ethics and the confidentiality of the attorney-client privilege.

MSP services important Bulgarian and foreign corporate clients in the field of construction and real estate, military industry, energy, food producers, IT and telecommunications, relocations and logistics, entertainment, etc.

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"MSP" comes from Swahili and means "marketing".

Marketing is our area of expertise and we are the best of the best.

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